Technology and Innovation for Education

We aim to transform international education by bringing students closer to schools and universities.

About Us

Innovation, Technology and Performance for the education market.

lumanai offers technology and innovation consulting to the education market. We are creating our own solutions to transform the market using digital tools.

We are a different kind of company. We are creating innovative solutions for the digital transformation of the education market. And we are also a software development boutique / IT company focused on education, as we have an experienced and passionate technology team that works with clients on challenging projects. We only work and invest in projects we believe and love. This is what makes lumanai a really different company!

We are focused on the Education market, and we are dedicated in some key projects in the area. We help different players in the market (Agencies, Schools, Universities) deal with the growing difficulties of IT in a new digital world.

Our Work

lumanai provides technology, innovation consulting and solutions to Universities, Agencies and Schools.

Our goal is to work and invest in talented and passionate entrepreneurs and educators, allowing them to focus on the business growth, while we help the company to deal with the rising IT challenges of the new digital world.

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We are hiring! And we want to know and work with talented professionals and entrepreneurs.

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